Hardhat stickers

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Any safety concerns with using stickers on helmets? Do helmet manufacturers have an opinion on the matter?

My first one was covered but my newer one is still virgin.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
A while ago Peter Gerstenberger checked with the company who printed TCIA stickers to find out about the adhesive. He found that it's casein based...a near cousin to white glue. No one will tell you that eating white glue won't kill you but how many adolescents eat it and live just fine?

The issue with stickers etc. is that it's harder to do inspections for cracks.


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The other issue with stickers, at least for me, is the advertising .....................
1. The vendor should be paying me.
2. It must be an exceedingly good product that I would highly recommend to anyone.
3. Vendor must have earned the signage.

I have 2 sets of laminated, homemade, stickers:
1. My Name, and City.
2. "In Case of Emergency" Call ...................


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I’m with you Greg. Same for clothing. I rarely buy logoed clothes. If there a hangtag I usually cut it off.
Arborweqr stays!
After college, I got a job were most guys wore neckties to the office. (early 1970's)
I remember buying a "Pierre Cardin" necktie with the brand sewn / embroidered into the front.

I used a "thread picker" to remove the "Pierre Cardin" & the symbol.
After I paid for it ...................... it no longer belonged to Pierre ! ! !
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