Grapple Truck Insurance


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I have a buddy that has a grapple truck in layup and to get insurance to bring it online he is being quoted at $16,000. The insurance company wants to rate the 30 yard grapple as a crane. I have never owned a grapple so I am not familar with the insurance costs.

What are the going rates and who would cover this truck?



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need to explain to the ins. co. that the truck is a "log loader" not a crane. that rate they quoted is ridiculous. terminology is important when dealing w/ins. underwriters as most know little about the real world, just what is printed in their guidebooks.


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Mine is about $1500 a year with Selective insurance co. Truck is a 50 plus yard rear mount with prentice 120. Valued at around $90,000.


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Thank you for the info. I figured it should run around $1500-2000. I will pass the information on to him. The "log loader" term is a good one. I think he was talking to Progressive.

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I have had progressive the last three to four years. Out of curiousity i got a dofferent quote fromstate farm. It was half of what i am paying. Shop!


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Call Stratum Insurance. Just google stratum arborist insurance. I think they will rock your world. I'd call progressive, too. Their cost for my chipper and chip truck was half of what anyone else could do.


I know this is very late but I am an insurance agent in Florida. I work with progressive for most of my arborists. The type of industry they have them labeled is Landscaping, Snowplowing & Firewood. However as far as the grapples go they are usually rated as dump trucks as long as the grapple has a dump bed. I had a very long discussion one day with a Senior underwriter because of the arm and the logistics on what exactly a grapple is.

If you are shopping insurance there is also Arbor Max Insurance which has to be sold by a TCIA member agent. You can go right to the TCIA webpage and they will have a link to an agent that sells Arbor Max.

Here is a link to the Arbor Max Agent Locator.