Goodie Grab Bag

Please take all this stuff. I don't want to separate anything, but I will id it's something like the bar or the visir. Make an offer and pay shipping.

Everything is in fair to good condition and certainly not broken or unusable, but I have too much stuff.

*Used zubat 330 blade, I felt bad about throwing this away...
*Oregon 16" bar for husqvarna top handle saws
*4srt chest harness
*Homemade knee ascender
*Double wrench tether
*Synthetic leather foot straps for distel geckos
*Pole spikes for distel geckos
*Spacers for pinto and pinto rig
*Aluminum rescue 8
*Petzl Pantin w/catch
*Biners and snaps (double locking, single locking, and non-locking)
*CMI swing cheek pulley
*Petzl fixed pulley
*Saka foot loop
*Various hitch cords, one of the oceans is basically new, rest are used
*Boat snap and random shackles and links
*Silky scabbard for zubat 390
*Petzl Visor, clear, has scratches.



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I'd be interested in the pole gaffs if the sale falls through and you're willing to seperate.
That's a more than fair offer for the visor and knee ascender if that's what you're intending.

But everything else is sold, thanks.