Good groundman in philly suburbs


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Daniel Murphy needs a good groundman.
Any one looking for work can contact me. I live about 20 minutes west of philly. we are slammed.. call my cell... I have an in-law suite available for out of towners available for non-smokers. full time or part time Very flexible. good pay and you'll learn a few tricks. must have driver's license and no drinking /drugging eigh04-283-3214


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Daniel thanks for the email. We relieved 4 applicants from our efforts. One from CT (looking to relocate), one from NJ (his mom sent in his app), one from Newark and a local guy. If you were interested I could locat the CT guys info and you need to call me or catch breakfast sometime to discuss the Newark guy. I was super surprised that we weren’t flooded with applicants due to the Hispanic population around here but 4 is all we got. But that’s all it takes I guess, we decided the local guy was a good fit.
I’ll keep you in the loop if any more come in but I think my FB ad is expired or will very soon.