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I like seeing the latest uploads...but. There doesn't seem to be a way to go to the post the media is in. I get a picture but no reference. I have to go looking for the post through the thread. A direct link would be nice. Unless it's already there and I'm missing it.
Some of the pictures are just posted up there. And there is a place people can comment on them. I definately put up some pics that aren't in a thread
True, what Mac said, the photos added to the media section are not displaying media from threads. They are uploaded photos directly to the albums in the new media section. What may be confusing is some of the photos are *also* posted in threads. You can upload photos with much higher resolution to the Media section.


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What Orobros said. Pictures are neat but without a thread for context they're just pictures, like looking at art on a wall, not very informative. For example, what's up with those arbor vitaes? They look like crap, that's all I know. A little more info or link to a thread would be awesome.