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Cornell Cooperative Extension is pleased to introduce, "CU-Structural SoilT", a new DVD-ROM featuring 3 videos and a printable PDF file for using CU-Structural Soil in urban environments.

Urban trees experience a litany of environmental insults: soil and air pollution, heat loads, de-icing salts, and impacts from utilities, vehicles, and buildings. However, the most significant problem that urban trees face is the lack of usable soil volume for root growth. The 3 videos and 15-page printable booklet in this DVD-ROM make the case for CU-Structural Soil: Why it's needed, what it is, how it's used, and how vigorous tree growth can be achieved. CU-Structural Soil safely bears traffic loads after compaction on streets, in parking lots, and in plazas; it allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach roots; and it allows roots to penetrate through soil, or extend though "break-out zones". Viewers can juxtapose visual evidence, techniques, and application of basics with technical information from the booklet to guide them through successful urban forestry plantings and reclamations. A list of 52 tree species appropriate for use in CU-Structural Soil, FAQ's, and contact information supplement this useful and practical DVD-ROM.

Each DVD includes:

1) Support Your Local Tree: Cornell Structural Soil Mix - 13-minute video

2) Excavation of London Plane Tree: Roots Growing for 5 Years in Cornell Structural Soil - 3 minute video

3) Excavation of London Plane Tree: Roots Growing for 7 Years in Cornell Structural Soil - 4 minute video

4) Using CU Structural Soil in the Urban Environment - 15 page printable booklet

The CU-Structural Soil DVD-ROM was developed by Dr. Nina Bassuk, Professor of Horticultural Physiology, Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University. Dr. Bassuk is also Program Leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute (UHI) at Cornell University.

(2005) 20 minutes. Item code: 141CUSS-DVD

List Price: $29.95

Get your copies of CU-Structural Soil DVD-ROM at our secure online bookstore: You may also call-in (607-255-2080) or fax-in (607-255-9946) your order with a valid credit card, or mail a check to The Resource Center, 750 Cascadilla Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Make your check payable to Cornell University. Add $5.00 shipping for the first item, and $1.00 shipping for each additional item (save on shipping by ordering online). NY destinations add 8% sales tax, CA destinations 8.25% sales tax, and Canadian destinations 7.25% sales tax.


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Wow Mark it seams that you have studied the same thing that I have worked with. I know the Prof. that did this study and have handled the matterial. It is a good idea for urban trees, but for some of the areas that i have used this method it was alittle disgruntling to hear that it was an area that plows push snow and other salt satturated stuff up to. My concern is the leaching or the salt,and road waste. Next time in the area of Cornell come the Gounds Dept. and talk with some of the head honchos the would really like some in put on keeping a mature canopy.