Fungus and indentations on english walnut


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I have an english walnut tree (juglans regia) that I'm supposed to use to suspend a platform about 3 feet off the ground. I had noticed a lot of internal decay on a branch that I cut (1st picture,stub left to aid in hanging platform), and various indentations on the trunk and main limbs. After returning after two months, I noticed a sort of fungus growing on the trunk, just above the first major union. It appears to be in only one spot. It felt very wet and soggy, but it had been raining the day before.






20190517_201628.jpg There are also three holes that I would like to know what they're from.
My question is, is the tree still safe enough to hang a low platform in? Or even spend any time underneath it?



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Safe depends on the amount of decay, canopy looks good, holes from a woodpecker?


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Woodpecker looks like a good call for the holes. Do you see signs of chiseling along the hole circumference?
The fungus could be sulfur shelf. I'd also want to rule out Phellinus robustus. Slide 5 looks more like the latter, although the latter can be pretty variable in shape . Might not matter for your judgement call.


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Thanks for the answers, it does look more like Phellinus Robustus, although it feels very different than the hard texture described in a quick google search. Whatever it is, I know little to nothing about these kinds of things, so what do I do with it? Do I remove it, do I use some sort of chemical to kill it?
The holes could be from a woodpecker, although I didn't know they made holes that large.
What about the indentations along the trunk and in unions? They don't show up in pictures well unfortunately, I'm hoping someone here knows what I mean. I have never seen anything like it before.