FS vs pulley saver


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Wondering about the pros and cons on rr fs vs pulley saver?

I’ve always rr fs ( adjustable 6’ 3 strand steel rings.

Or do you guys use something better?


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I will bypass the friction at T.I.P issue as that is both obvious and relatively minor. Will do the same with moving parts, expense etc. as you can figure that out as well.

Having used both extensively, the main functional difference is with a pulley saver (ps) you can set a true choked anchor as opposed to a cinching one.

Also retrieving with a friction saver (fs) as opposed to a ps alows the hardware to be lowered with less hassle. The times I have had a ps hang up have always been after it cleared the initial anchor point and was fallong through the tree.

Having said all that I still use both, probably leaning more toward a ps because I use a zig zag most times climbing. If I use a fs it is a thimbled version as they retrieve more reliably due to design.

My .02



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I go with a ring to ring, unless I have to come back up I find a pulley too sporty and I fry hitches more often


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Btw this is for my climbing system not rigging. I should have clarified that
Do you have a pic to see your friction saver? My coworker use two ropes one with a pulley and the other rope goes into that pulley, that works well but I don’t want to use two ropes.