Freezing temp saw issues

Sometimes the dogs (pawls) on my pull cord freeze and I have to put the saw in the truck to thaw out. I haven't found a good preventative measure for it yet. Anyone else have that issue or found a solution?

Tom Dunlap

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Make a small effort not to get snow on them in the first place. Don't set them down in deep one would set a saw down in a dirt pile...wait...they do :crying::crying:

Take time to clean the gunked up sawdust sludge before cold weather. Use stoddard solvent or mineral spirits to get the oil off too. spray it down with your favorite penetrating oil. PB Blaster is mine. WD is in the bottom of my list. Clean regularly

In certain conditions the saws may dry out a bit if there's room in the cab on the way back to the shop. Put the saws in the shop overnight, it's always bit warmer. My Dad told me that a closed garage would be about ten degrees warmer here in Minneapolis. True that! Last week during the Polar Vortex there was aß5 degree gain in my uninsulated, non-heated garage. Impressive

start the saws...or at least turn them over if morning noise is an issue...before leaving the shop in the morning. A few minutes in front of a five k btu salamander heater will dry them nicely
Thanks for the replies. I keep mine pretty clean and have minimal issues, but have had many with past employers' saws and heard enough grief from cohorts. A few days my climber has been a bit finicky so maybe some spray will help. Unfortunately the saws do get in snow and cold weather happens, however when I am working off mainland and there is no truck it's a PITA. I'll hit the PB to her and see how it runs, thx.
Should never happen
I'll tell that to the saw next time...
[QUOTE. spray it down with your favorite penetrating oil. PB Blaster is mine. WD is in the bottom of my list.
WD just smells so good though, can't help using it as cologne. Why's PB your fav?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
PB actually works. Maybe not as good a cologne though. Or, actually, the Ladies that I attract when I have PB on are more compatible than the WD Ladies

PB is a good penetrant for rusty or seized parts. it has staying power.
If my saws are exposed to wetness in sub freezing temps I’ll let them run for a minute or two at the end of the day so the heat generated by the motor and the chain on the bar dries them out before putting them up for the night.