Free webinar with 1.0 CEU credit


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Join us February 5 at 12:00 pm (Mountain) for a free TREE Fund webinar, The Salt Dilemma: Growing Better Urban Trees in Northern Climates. Get 1.0 CEU credit from ISA, SAF, NALP, or LACES. Register at

Can urban trees and city winter weather protocols peacefully co-exist? Join us for a discussion of the latest research findings related to successfully growing trees under these conditions. Dr. Andrew Millward will walk us through his investigation of the surprising decline and mortality of trees planted using soil cells in a recent urban revitalization project in Toronto. While the research led to salt, there were a number of other factors. The project opened a discussion about changes to the way we design and manage urban trees. Adam Nicklin will offer options to reduce salt damage to trees, and talk about the role landscape architects can play in helping the urban canopy thrive.

luke capa

Hey can you guys make these webinars available after the broadcast and make CEUs available for a short time after like TreeStuff does for theirs (on Facebook). I would love to watch and get the CEUs but I was working during the webinar yesterday