Found these dedicated arborist branching out (pun intended)


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Websters definition of an Arborist
:a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees

the cultivation of trees and shrubs especially for ornamental purposes

These guys are the type that we all fight day in and day out... we try to educate our public and these shirts walk around making a joke out of our profession!
Why not something that portrays us as the intelligent, hardworking professionals we are!
IMG_0045.JPG IMG_0046.JPG
Ps. Just noticed the cane he has... probably cause his knees are bad at 42.


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Think your overthinking the whole shirt thing, its just a shirt.
Sure maybe I am. But if he or anyone showed up to an interview for me wearing that or anything that cast a shadow on this profession, they would get one question from me... And it wouldn't be how are you?
Being with a volunteer fire company I have learned that people pay more attention to what you are wearing many times than what they are doing. I know this because we get compliments and complaints about how our guys act in public. First thing they say is "he was wearing your tee shirt". So maybe I am over thinking it but I don't want to be lumped into that crowd.


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Think your overthinking the whole shirt thing, its just a shirt.
With respect, Steve, many of us slash very hard and don't need to talk about it. It's a thrill - we know. Perhaps you slash as hard or harder. Most of us who slash hard are also invested in caring for trees and putting out tangible effort to move the industry to a balance of preventive care and remedial care. One contact with a tree worker wearing that shirt undoes a lot of that effort. Stick around the group if you want. I'm going to go thumbs all the way down on the shirt - it's not just a shirt. Thumbs sideways for you, expecting thumbs up soon. Brush it off and stay safe in your next tree. Climbers can't afford to take negative baggage up into a tree, so don't. Show us what you've got.


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I dislike guys that say "Im a climber, I climb for (insert tree service name here). I ride the ball all day every day. I think to myself your not a climber your a repeller. Put that on a tee shirt.


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This would probably sell well with the "I kill trees for a living" and "rate my notch" crowd. Which from my observation is not the arborist crowd.