For hire 8-10 hr. Drve Radius from Boise


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Hey all,
I have a small business in Boise and contract climb as well. A bit slow right now and so Im putting this out there. If anyone in driving distance needs an extra climber/set of hands for 1-2 week projects, I could easily make that happen. Im insured with all climbing, rigging gear and saws. Comfortable in all trees with technical rigging experience, bucket, and crane experience. Climb SRT and DdRT on and off spurs. I have a couple videos on Youtube if you'd like to check my style out. Im not going to say Im the cats ass or anything, but Im safe (one handing excluded), Im not a complainer, and I don't break stuff. If it matters, Im ISA cert. Arborist and climber specialist. Effective pruning and efficient removals. If you feel I could be of assistance, especially if there is a place for me to crash, P.M. me for more details. Cheers!
Hey man. We are in Boise as well. Looking for a contract climber. But more so looking for a full time experienced climber. We offer 20-25 per hour. Usually finish up in 7 hours but I still pay you for 8. We currently run Vermeer BC 1500
Bucket truck chipper truck and service truck with 2 stumpgrinders. My name is Jim Brown and I would love to talk with you a bit 2088600904