First spliced Rig-n-Ring

Well, I've had the supplies sitting for a few months. This week I finally decided to just try it. I've done some splices over the last year or so and some have worked and I've fought with others (specifically, tight eye in double braid (DB) that had been used). It went surprisingly easy!

Details: I'm using medium and large X rings with 9/16" All Gear double braid. I made this one about 4' long from end of one eye to the other. I made some mistakes and I should probably de-rate this from TreeStuff's advertised 10,000#. I'm planning to run 1/2" Stable Braid through it and that has an ABS of 10,400# so I'll have to be careful!

Enough talk -- time for a picture:


So, where I know I made some mistakes:
  • the buries are not pulled as much as needed
  • the cover bury on large ring end was not as long as it should have been
All in all, I'm kinda proud of my first ring splice. Like I said at the beginning, I've done some other eye splices but not on a ring like this.

Comments are welcome :maraca:



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Rig light with it at first, and inspect your splices after they seat for anything you can see/feel that doesn't seem right. It's going to be in basket mode, right? Combined with a 10:1 safety margin, I wouldn't think those splices will give you any reason for concern. Your awareness of the details makes me think your next one is going to be perfect. It looks pretty damn good, to me... but I'm new to the splicing thing, as well. So far, I'm always amazed at how well even a less than perfect splice works.


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I wpuld say from looking at pics, maybe next time anchor the ring end and give it a good tug the other way before fully setting the final bury. Things look a smidge bunched up at the throat.
Nice work and I agree with the Gu, my money is on the next one being mint