Finland 2017

andrus kokerov

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Awesome!!!!! Best of luck in masters. Maybe we will see you in Washington dc!!!
No we wount ☹had totaly bad luck with the throwline. I hit the perfect crotch o the first throw but it dident come down. Then i hit the stem 6-7 times until i got my system up. Took one station and my system down.

andrus kokerov

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So im back home and got now time to describe my comp.
1.) throwline - that was my first event. Hands were shaking and broke a small limb too. So it dident go very well for me...
2.) speedclimb - i struggled in two places, lost some seconds there. I think i lost 10points to the best.
3.) workclimb - i was kind of nervous after the two events, that my comp is over. Only 1 guy made all the stations in time before me, even the 3x finnish champion dident make it. But i still rushed through all the stations. First was the limbwalk, i just tooke the bell and rushed to the next one. Climbed a long way back to the top and whent to the next stations on the other side of the tree. I thought im gonna buke when i got up there. In the limbtoss station i realised that im gonna make it in time, took it easy but still missed both times. Got down in time, had event 45 seconds left. Hit the bullseye only with one foot. Im happy with it. Ended up third in this event.
4.) footlock - it was time for my best event (atleast so i was thinking). Missed a lock, and took 2nd place with 22 seconds. Not happy with that.
5.) rescue - the scenario was: there is a climber up in the tree uncounsius, he has cut his hand and is bleeding. There is a branch half way cut up in the tree too. The event whent well for me, got 33points and tied to 1-2 place. Dident give first aid to the climber and had abit to much slack in my system. Best assesment of the casualty and his climbing system that day. I struggled with his landyard, but got him down in time and had 5 seconds left.

Prelimbs - ended up 3rd in the prelimbs. Was time for my first masters.

The masters
My plan - the tree was easy if you get your TIP high up in the tree. There was a station in a small tree next to the big tree. My plan was to use a SRT frogwalker to go up and doublerope the tree. On my way up i wanted to take te station in the small tree first. I hit the perfect crotch, the highest that was possible witht he first throw. I was realy happy and my first thought was that im gonna bring this baby home. But the throwbag dident come down.... another guy hit that crotch later and the same thing with his bag. After that i lost 10 minutes on trying to get my line up there. Finaly took just one station and my system down. Ended up third of four in the masters. Next time ill do better :)
Actually i applayd for a place in the ETCC now. Im from Estonia and we dont have our own chapter yet, so the only way is to get a place as a guest climber. To apply for that place you have to finish in the top3 of a competition. I was thinking that im not ready for the etcc yet, but my girlfriend and friends pushd me to go for it and gain experience. We will see if the organaizers take me.