Finally joined the crane gang..

Not a Kboom.....but a step up for us. Brand new national 1300a on a peterbuilt. Been a TON of fun to swing pieces around with this. Small foot print, 110 feet of live boom. 1500lb counterweight makes a HUGE difference.

Bought it...letteted it up....and then got a micro burst in our working area. Talk about immediate reassurance that I made the right decision.

It's been a while since I've posted, but I had to chime in after seeing your post. That is one fine looking outfit! I now have a counterweight also, though the rig was properly set up when I bought it (certified with LMI calibtrated) working at 2 to 4 o clock or 8 to 10 (noon being front) much past 70-75' out my built in sensor in my butt clenched up, it felt unstable, though my LMI said "go a little further, it's cool!" I'm sure it was fine.....just like the bow in the boom of my old Manitex 101S when still well below max, just the way it was. BUT, after noticing the row of threaded holes on the rear of the turret, and then seeing a picture of a 1300 WITH a counter weight, I got educated on the subject.

Wow, now it is rock solid all the way out, at any degree of rotation, it really made this crane a performer. I don't do tree work, but I do everything else, and this thing rocks. SO easy to run smoothly, especially after the older 101S, I had a couple guys up in the manbasket at 140' on a cell tower, between the antennas sort of, and was asked to swing left 12" or 18". With the Manitex I would have laughed out loud on hearing that, I would have had to boom up to get them clear, swing, and then if I was where they wanted boom them back in. With the National (not dissing Manitex, more about how cool pilot controls are I guess) I told them, "sure, no problem," it has such fine and easy to manage controls.

I have been extending my oil change intervals out, the big Mack engine takes 56 frigging qts. to change, but my oil lab tells me to go to 750 hours next time before a change! I was at 400, that looked so good they said go 550, then they said go further! Plus, it doesn't use ANY oil, so far anyway, between changes. I actually asked a pro mechanic if I was reading the dipstick correctly, and sure enough it just doesn't seem to use any oil at all in hundreds of hours. Plus it has a real deep ballsy exhaust sound, unique to the big Macks I'm told. The only thing I don't like so far after well over 1000 hours of operating (and driving, many of my jobs are 1 to 3 hours one way away) this crane/truck combo, is looking at a dogs asshole all day. 9-7-15 029.JPG
20171127_132944_Film3.jpg 20171127_143746_Film3.jpg Hey guys it's been awhile since I've posted here on my original post.. Anyways I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas.
I do want to update the status of my knuckle boom with the grapple saw, that many of you have asked me about. Going the treemek route was the best step I've tooken since being in the tree biz. It's changed the way i operate my business, and has eliminated 2 guys off my crew. (contract climber being the expensive one). I literally go to work with just one simple ground guy that has the duty to chip and rake and make a few cuts in a day. @Gerasimek was saying this is the way he operates and i find myself replicating what he does. Reason iam writing this is to give feedback to many that may be on the line of doing this but don't know if its going to work out like the few mek owners claim. Many probably don't have anyone near to go check one out and don't want to take a trip to go see one in operation. I do believe it's the future for those that can belive they aren't getting younger. @Jerad Oren said in another post "In less than 8 years 50% of tree work will be done with these machines." I don't know how much time it will really take. However just from running it from the last 2 months i realize things are different. Heres what I've come up with for the pros:
I have less stress from dealing with guys and there's more money in my pocket at the end of each day, the bucket truck barely gets used anymore, the mini stays at the yard quite often now, the swinger was no longer needed (sold it) i could go on.. The cons: you tend to get cold from only running a remote all day in cold temps, and its made even the groundy more lazy. Lol . any question, just ask.
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I forgot to mention but i still do lot clearings and trim work, i just realize majority of my work is residential removals. I always just try to push the trim work towards fall. We utilize a small spider lift for most of the trim work. The bucket will probably end up getting sold in the spring.
It's a beautiful thing. I'm glad to see you reaping the benefits. It takes some guys a little longer than others to make cuts in employees and equipment. Probably because it's so hard to believe the things I've said in my early forums. Many people probably thought I was full of it. Glad to see it's paying off so quickly for you. Congrats.
Oh no the grinder won't go through the gate. What now? Blown over tree with root ball out of ground It'd probably be a 3hr job with a 25hp machine that can go through the gate. Not a problem for the lil Effer. It trew the rg85 on the 20180305_112340_Film3.jpg other side and 20 mins later i was done.