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I heart splicing

Okay, after this weekend I am completely hooked.

Thanks to Mark, Chris and everyone there this weekend, the class was great. I learned tons and am so psyched to continue splicing!

I also had a blast. The group was fun and extremely knowledgeable. I felt honored to be apart of the group.

Thanks All!

Digging the bury....


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Re: I heart splicing

Thanks to all of my friends new and old alike! I had a great time, learned tons of new techniques, and look forward to our next go round.


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Re: I heart splicing

This weekend was a ton of fun, learned so much. I've been in a coma since saturday night while my brain has tried processing everything, think im finally all caught up!

A huge thanks to Mark and Chris again. Both outstanding people and excellent teachers. Hope to see everyone again at the TCC!

And yes, "I <3 splicing". Haha


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Re: I heart splicing

Matt came all the way down from Canada to have this much fun.

I made a mistake and let him leave the US with his new DMM Impact Block that he brought down to show us....I meant to call Border Patrol to stop him, but he slipped on through.



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Re: I heart splicing

Thanks again to Mark for opening up his home to us and making us feel like family.

A special thanks to our suppliers Knot & Rope Supply, Samson Rope, PlymKraft Inc, and Buccaneer Rope. My apologies if I’m leaving anyone out.

I also wanted to thank all the participants for being so patient with my teaching of the 3-strand and double braid. I was very nervous about trying to get my “recipes for splicing” through to people and having them be able to understand what I was showing, but everyone was great. We had a fantastic bunch of splicers!


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Re: I heart splicing

Thanks to everyone!
I'm still digging out..... :)
12 people splicing for 3 days can make a powerful mess!
Tons of pics taken... I'll be uploading them to Renaissance Acres FB page as soon as I can... I'll let you know.

Everyone who came, contributed to what has been the best weekend I've had in years! Perma-grin....

Thanks specifically to Melissa for support, Chris G. for teaching splices that he obviously loves and understands...
Thanks to Samson, Buccaneer and Plymkraft for supporting this educational opportunity.... Thanks to John at Knot and Rope...and Paulette at Shelter Tree for sending bits at the last minute! (what would we do without UPS and Fedex?) Thanks to Nick and Octavious for helping out with last minute splicing questions as well.......
Thanks to all our splicers for their enthusiasm and diligence... I got to know everyone a bit better, and am fascinated by their stories... and proud to know each and every one of them. What a great mix of skills, interests, personalities and experiences....!!!!!

It's hard to find the words to express the gratitude, without sounding too mushy, but for everyone who was here, you know what I'm talking about....

By the way, I think Jada is depressed now that everyone has left....

Stay tuned for more pics!

"Make a heart...then break your heart" - 12-strand.
"Thats why they call it a constrictor constricts" - 3-strand
"I can't pull it anymore.. do you think I caught a strand?" - 16-strand
"Which marker yarn is 'A'?" - double-braid

Cheers all.... I'll tell Madison you said "Hi" :)



Re: I heart splicing

wow, what a great experience. thanks to everyone who helped put this event on with a special thanks to mark, chris, and melissa. i definately walked away from this weekend with a new appreciation for splicing, alot of new skills, and new friends. my tool box is closer to being full and i am started on my way to 10,000 hours...thanks again and hope to see you all again soon.

....and thanks mark for saying hi to madison for me! ill be over to visit soon ;)


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Re: I heart splicing

Scott my man, you're too funny. I know you and the splicing fairy are pretty tight.

You gotta come to our next splicing workshop!


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Re: Class is almost full!

Climbed on my new velocity lanyard and tech cord prussiks this morning and I didn't fall out of the tree, so that was pretty exciting! Lol.