Fids & Fiber by the Fireside - Splicing Workshop


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Re: Fids and Fiber - Class Agenda

Hey Matt!
Regarding CEUs.....
We're gonna make it as easy as pie.... we've submitted our class agenda to ISA for approval... they'll tell us how many they think it's worth... (based on hours of instruction and content) and that's about it.
We'll have a sign up sheet for you at the end of the class...along with a certificate of completion...
You sign it, we'll send it in for you.... Don't forget to bring your Cert#.....

By the way... we've also applied for CTSP credits w/ TCIA..Same deal applies... :)

Hopefully that covers it.... if not... hit me up!

Best regards,


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Class is almost full!

Hey all...
If there's anyone out there who's on the fence....
Call soon, there's only 1 or 2 spots left! :)

Preparations are nearly complete, and we're really looking forward to having everyone here!

Woodstoves are crankings, ordering food and getting tools and fibers set aside...

As they say on the TV.... "Call now, operators are standing by."



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Re: Class is almost full!

We've got 11 people signed up as of right now.
I'll be calling everyone to double check, but
pretty sure they're all confirmed.

Starting to put kits together today...
Fiber, hardware, rings, snaps, tool kits... if you have any
questions, or want something special, please call me today!

Thanks and best regards
Yours in Trees,


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Re: Class is almost full!

I'm assuming it would not be discouraged to bring your own hanks if you had something specific in mind to make? :)
The Rope Factory & Renaissance Acres is teaming up to bring you another
Splicing Workshop: Fids and Fibers by the Fireside.

Date: February 25-27, 2011
Location: Renaissance Acres Tree Care, Weare, NH (Lodging available)
Social: Thursday Evening Feb 24th
Class Time: Friday & Saturday 8-4, Sunday 8-12
Cost: $200

Full Agenda will be posted shortly.
To register call Octavious Benton directly at 336-210-1535.

[/ QUOTE ]

For those who don't know already, please call Mark directly at 603-529-0874 to register.


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Jeff, and ALL.....
If you want to splice something in particular, and you have the all means... bring it on!
If you have hardware that you've been meaning to use on a tool or project...bring it....

Emmett, you're on the list dude! I'll be calling everyone who's signed up tomorrow to double check directions and details...... or... call me! :)

Thanks to help from Melissa, Chris, Dave, Samson, Buccaneer, Plymkraft,, Knot and Rope Supply (John and Shawn), Octavious and UPS....Everything's looking good here.... fiber is here, hardware is here (some still in transit.) The stage is set and the lights are up.... Time to have a few laughs, learn alot and get some splicing done!


Oh yeah... Thursday night: Final prep, dinner, splicing and room to crash if ya' wanna get here early...Door is open!



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Re: Class is almost full!

Sorry I'm gonna miss it, though Sunny SW Florida does have it's attraction ;-)

Am hoping to make it to the next one!


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Re: Class is almost full!

What time are people planning on making it? Im liking the prospect of not leaving at 5am friday, so gonna head out after the kids hit the sack and im guessing for a 930-10pm arrival Thursday night. Shouldn't be any issue with that,right? Sounds like you're planning on burning the midnight oil anyways!



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Re: Class is almost full!

I just got the TCIA CTSP attendance form back today.

If you are a CTSP, you are eligible to receive 4 CEU's for the class. I'll bring the form with me tonight.