Endless sling - shorten.

I have purchased a long sling to use for a vertical speedline where the rounds are

I want to use the sling to choke around the log and clip the free end to the speedline. However, I would like to adjust the free end to remove slack. Tieing a knot is not what I want to do as I image it is a) hard to untie in a sling and b) will weaken damage the sling.

Any advice other than “buy a shorter sling”? :)


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Your answer got me thinking..

How about this:

Normal choke around the log leaving a desired loop length to clip to the speedline with the free end being cow hitched above and backed with a timber hitch.
This means that the weight of the log
will chock both bottle and top hitches!

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Ha! Such a simple and neat solution. The last wrap is the one that counts and will self tighten. Nice. Thank you!

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Get some tenex and splice some up! Easy peezy and cheap. Or go with adjustable loopies, or the above double wrap, or half hitch