Electrocution & rescue


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Yesterday shortly after 11am local fire companies were called to East Pikeland Twp in Chester county pa for the report of a man passed out hanging from a tree leaning on the power lines with possible electrocution. First units on the scene found the man conscious and breathing and attempted to access with a tower ladder (got stuck before within reach). The Chester County Rescue Task Force was alerted for the high angle rescue. This brought 3 rescue trucks and an additional ladder.
The rescue took approximately one hour from the initial call. Luckily the man was still alive though serious burns and damage to his hands and feet. Our rescue arrived just after the rescue was completed and gear pulled from the tree. From what I could gather from the first personnel on scene the gentleman had a "belt" and a rope trailing (not a climbing line). A aluminum extension ladder was used to access the tree.
My observations were the primary power line was approximately 18" from the crotch where the man got hung up. The power line had been broken and had fallen, guessing from reports, that it broke shortly after contact and arch.
I did take a few pictures of the aftermath, but at this time I'm not ready to share them.
This gentleman is extremely lucky to be alive, please remember to steer clear of primary lines. Do you job site safety briefing.
Ps no tree company associated with this incident from what I can figure it's a Harry Homeowner inc.
Be safe guys!