Electric brakes on the chipper

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
im not very familiar with electric brakes.

When I've seen a factory installation a small battery is included with a trickle charger. It would seem that the only time the battery power is needed is if the break away is triggered. Am I missing something?

If that's so why couldn't the chipper battery be used? This would simplify the setup. Worse case , it seems, is that the chipper battery is drained


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You're correct Tom. Battery is only to actuate the brakes if the break-away is pulled. I haven't seen any thing that has its own battery also have a small one just for the brakes.


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Any trailer with electric brakes sold nowadays also has to have the breakaway...using a cute lil battery...chippers have their own battery and when sold new have to have a breakaway and do use the units battery. The biotch comes when wires or that crappy plastic pullout plug mess up and lock up the tires...now you just screwed up $500 or 1000 worth of tires.

Merle Nelson

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Also have heard of crews pulling the plastic tab so the brakes are set for sitting there during a job.

Battery drained and probably hard on those braking actuators to be in the always on position - oops.