Drt redirect?


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I climb drt. I've never tried a redirect with drt. Many times it would have been nice. Does anyone do this? Any suggestions on how to redirect? Thanks!!!


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The isc double-sheave redirect pulley is nice. It’s only good for that, and is the smoothest I’ve tried. You can also use a pinto and a biner, with one leg in the pulley and one leg between the ears of the pulley, on the biner.

Another solution is the m-rig, which doesn’t require retrieval. Are you familiar with this technique?


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Both lines through a carabiner attached to a loop sling. Not as smooth as what @Crimsonking suggested. Not retreviable.

Sometimes redirecting through a crotch or over a big limb works too...


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Sometimes redirecting through a crotch or over a big limb works too...
if you do this route, splitting your line over 2 different limbs keeps rope in rope contact to a minimum

though i definitely recommend a pulley, biner and webbing sling instead
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Tom Dunlap

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Without a pulley I'd choke or basket a sling with an HMS biner.

There are retrievable DdRT redis available. I never bothered to learn any though because they seemed too complicated and likely to snag on something.

Fraught with danger we'd say!


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Ddrt or Drt? eithe way. Lock it off and go srt or attach a whole new ddrt system to that drt, or recrotch another system and abandon the 1st or keep it handy. I had 3 seperate ropes in this tree. SRT, ddrt, fall arrestr a short Ddrt and lanyard. Limb failure should be only concern, falling slipping with or without a saw in your hand shouldn't. Ddrt is nice it's the flse crotch or redirect you take with you. And if you can tether another rope to it to retrieve when back into position or centre tip or whatever. What trees, what work, what tools n rope u got, what climb style - u climb the tree or the rope. Ask the right questions u get the best answers from us and uself.
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Thanks for the information guys! I appreciate all I can get!!
I like the pinto redirect. The carabiner goes on the sling, and the pinto pulley goes on the carabiner. One leg through the carabiner and one through the pinto. Three very useful items to have handy.
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