double tie in for SRT


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Was looking to see what you have all come up with for a double tie in method for SRT climbing (for movement, not talking about your lanyards). I am not a wrench user myself, so to go along with my Petzl RIG I use a GRI GRI, or I use my Basic along with my Croll.


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As in a M rig for Dbrt, should have said it that way first but didnt want to get it confused with that strange thing that guy had just come up with...

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I still don't understand what you're looking for???

The M[ark] rig where one rope goes into an M-configuration???

Or the M rig for speedy SRT ascent?
was an idea i had a couple of years ago, i posted it on here as the 'srt-m-rig'. only issue was that there was no wrench at the time(although the friction is decreased somewhat from the carabiner), so i put it on the back burner.

i spose in essence its srt and ddrt together as one really, or ddrt with an srt retrievable redirect. i got the idea from the retrieval trick where you choke off a running bowline on a spar and take the rope from underneith your hitch climber and clip in a crab to create and retrieval system for descending off a spar. i do this all the time now i have a wrench.

i honestly cant tell you how good of a technique it is. i suppose one real bonus is if you dont have two rope guides/cambium savers for an m rig. i'll play around with it again and see what i can come up with.
so i played around with it a little in the afternoon yesterday. there are some advantages and some drawbacks.

using the tail of the rope clipped to the carabiner can be messy and uses three times the amount of rope so is less effective than a regular m-rig. however if you use an independant retrieval line on the bowline choked off it is a great way to m-rig single line with less rope.

i regards to the double tie in for srt, i feel as tho the multi-saver with a srt termination would be the most versatile way to climb with two anchor points srt.

drew- i'm still very much all about choosing the technique best suited for the job and still climb ddrt when its more appropriate.

anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?