Does anyone use HomeAdvisor?


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Nextdoor is a great source of work. There are ARBORIST and TREE SERVICE tabs under the Recommendations area.

BIG SIGNS on trucks. Do good work. You're advertising to the area you want to work, not the whole area. I'm spoiled by having half of my work in my 'backyard'. My house isn't waterfront, but I live on a long peninsula, outside town.
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Dont do it. The charge $22-35 per lead. Tried them for a month before suspending then canceling last year. Went to 1 lead in 18. Sold the one that I went too.
The company listed tree services that did not pay for HA before my listing.

HA require you to fill out the request before seeing the local companies. Window shoppers charge you that have no intention of work. Companies with no credentials will arrive with their low ball pricing for drug induced work.

Any one try Angie's list?


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Any one try Angie's list?
Don’t look too close but they are the same! I got leads from HA that came from Angie’s list. A lead got super pissed off at me for calling and saying I got his info from HA. Actually thought he was gonna report me. The next day he called back and apologized for the confusion, he had called in to AL and found they did pass his info to me through HA. Ended up 1.5 hrs on sight to sell sub contracted PHC and he gave the pruning to the low ball!!!


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They are owned by the same parent compant...or one owns the other.

Angie's list used to be paid for by the homeowners, but it is free for them now. I've gotten fewer calls from people saying they use Angie's list than HA. Neither are big sources of leads, but both better than YP. With leads turned off on HA, I'd say they are similar services with similar results. I think about canceling when the 300 or 400 bill comes due...but I am in the black with the second job they generate within a year, so what the heck. Maybe not the best ROI advertising dollar, but not the worst either.


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We found it was almost impossible to cancel Home Advisor’s services. We had to get our credit card company involved to cancel an unauthorized renewal fee.