do you know yur wood?


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Ill give ya that one Mark...I had to look it up in my Audubon Field guide to be sure, because here we call em Red Elms, I have heard slippery Elm before, but wasnt positive they were the same. After checking the guide, you are correct sir it would be a Slippery or Red Elm.

Where do I send your prize? /forum/images/graemlins/happydance.gif

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I could see the DED spray paint in the pic.

Of all the elms, Red is the most stable wood. Very pretty planks and not as likely to get snakey like American.

Sad to see so many elms go down :(


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ya Tom I too noticed the paint on the wood only after I posted the pic, dead giveaway. I knew you being a wood buff would know immediatly when you looked regardless of the paint and also considering you probably worked on a few around here as well.
Isnt the wood pretty?
Im sure you are aware, last year in the TC was an epidemic year for DED, they say as bad as 70's and 80's- only differance is there is only a fraction of the number of elms standing now compared to then. 2005 will probably be evry bit as bad.
Good for business, but bad for trees.