Ditch Witch sk1550 quote?

Junots Trees

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I just recieved a quote for the sk1550 for 49k without tax. Quote attached has both bmg’s. This seems high compared to what I have heard some people get them for. Whats everybody been quoted?



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I was at 33 for our 1050 June of ‘17. It was a 7k jump from the 800 with just a bucket. 10k jump to a 1550 doesn’t seem outrageous. Ask if there is a cash difference. I saved a bit by finding my own financing. 0% isn’t free money, you pay for it up front instead of over time.


I paid just under $40k for the machine. I got the weight kit and brush guard plus a half yard bucket. With sales tax the whole thing was $45,500. I didn't negotiate or anything. I think that was the bottom price and I needed a machine before the year was over. Don't let these dealers push you around though. Make them work, if they have machines sitting they want to sell them. Don't be afraid to make them an offer and then play the silent game. We do the hard part to make money, all they have to do is sign a couple of papers and smile. End of the day they're salesman, treat them as such
I paid the exact price for mine as what you have on your quote, I was around $49,800 with the BMG, Weight kit, guard and sales tax.