Dang! Accident, no injuries


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One time I was felling a tree having to squeeze it through some others . The tree being felled had a lot of dead in it. As it passed through ,brushing the others a piece broke off . I watched the tree hit the ground , as I walked towards the brush end to start cutting branches, the piece that broke off danced back down through the tree for at least 15 seconds before I clocked me in the head and knocked off my safety glasses. After felling now if I was brushing past other trees I stand back and look up before I proceed.


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Bump. Found this cool old thread when I went looking to see if a forum member was still hanging around the Buzz. This thread contains @MickCPitlick's final post. No idea why he left or whatever became of him. Hopefully he's living well.



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Tom, we call it, "a mellon slice". Sometimes we move it sometimes we don't. I will move it if it's on some nice lawn, since I don't like digging it out of a divot. I try to make sure that there's nothing that can be cantilevered up in the air before felling. I've had a crooked padding log fly ski high. I will watch those sneaky Mellon slices more carefully.