Crane Workshop in Norway


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On that second page of the newspaper, the ad on the bottom left corner....

What's a Big-Bang Billitar? That girl looks real happy to have one.

Leave it to you to look where no one else will! I have no idea. Maybe Svein can tell us? She is really excited! I can't wait to find out why now, thanks.


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Mark, don't take ez's crap. Join my camp and let's erase this little problem known as "Easyphloem"

Or as I like to call him "shnookems"

Oh yeah, this doesn't mean that I like the devils.

Ez, you do realize that Detroit is going to win right?


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Should have took bigger pieces and you might have been back at the cabin a little earlier . Nice pic anyway , thanks .
Wow, ýou really have long legs! Do whatever you´d like with them they´re yours to sell or keep. Maybe Bernd reads this and sends you a couple in Medium + 14cm?
The Big Bang concert came down great, I wasn´t there though, I´m more of a blues and Pink Floyd fan - music for elderly people you know.