crane safety decals

Hey Ya'll

So during my recent annual inspection the inspector wanted me to put a decal on my crane that basically says never ride the ball or you'll die..... obviously since we do just that every day I didn't want to put the decal on there. I made this one instead and he's happy... so am I.

I am wondering if anyone else wants one. The more the printer guy prints the cheaper it gets. This is just a good decal to have anyways so let me know if anyone wants a set.



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Lol....yeah, 10 years ago tcia was fighting that sticker...must have been a loosing battle they couldn't make money on...still on the new ones and still replaced when defaced. May want to include a revision date for the z.
Yeah, I bought my crane from canada so that decal wasn't on there. Previous inspectors have over looked it.

But yeah, if anyone wants one contact to get one. He can customize shape, size, wording whatever and hes cheap. He does all my graphics/decals, I have no affiliation and am not making any money on this, just thought it is a good idea to step up and modernize our industry a bit.

Steve Connally

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I emailed the guy for a price. Doesn't include shipping. I'll let you know Paul. Just need to know how many you want. I can just get them sent to me and then i'll mail them to you if thats ok