Cool ice pack or fan vest?


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It's 2019, and batteries are everywhere. The dude at yamaguchi garden service bought a fan vest - first I've seen of one. Anyone able and willing to compare them to the ice pack vests?


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Been using my cool vest for about 2 weeks. I'd try anything that might help but it's going to be hard to beat.


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Bring a little kiddie pool for break-time. Nothing like cool water to suck the heat out of you.

Short of that, don't count on the vest to do it all, if really hot and humid. Running the hose over your head/ neck and-or arms, will pull the heat out of your body very effectively. Its crazy how groundies will complain about heat, but not do this. I'm up a tree, I can't do that very easily. When I'm on the ground, I do.

It was only low 80s yesterday (hot, not blazing, for our locale), so the vest was good.

Had I not worn it in the heat, I wouldn't have been going so strong later in the cooler part of the day.

If you're in a hot spot, if you have a chest freezer that can fit your cooler and you'll use vests a lot, I'd consider putting the cooler in the freezer, lid open, filled with the packs and mostly full jugs of drinking water. You'll be golden the next day. Bring drinking water for the morning.


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:ROFLMAO: I haven't heard of them, but our skunk works never ceases to surprise me. I'll pass the message on and see what happens. Where do you think the fan should be located :sorprendido3:
Somewhere where you can see what's happening, of course... :rolleyes: Or, you could make a fan shirt with tubes that could push air down there. This is probably one of my worse ideas, btw.