"Complete" starter kit.


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So the short version:. I spent a bit over $900 with TreeStuff between November and December 2017, gearing up for a new hobby. Between kids and health issues and new job, I never had the time for trees.

This gear has been in a tree once, most never was used. In most cases, any finish wear is simply from being in the gear bag or on the saddle hanging and clanging together. EVERY item was stored only inside, temperature and humidity controlled. Nothing was stored in the garage or in the presence of chemicals/fumes.

I don't ship internationally. I'd love a reasonable offer on everything. It would be an ideal starter setup for someone learning the art of climbing.

*Weaver Cougar, Liger modded. I used Rock Exotica plates. Rated ISC ring on the bridge. The original webbing bridge is included. The saddle is a size medium, and Weaver says this is good for 34-40"
*Rope Logic Armor Prus 10mm x 6' split tail
*Buckingham throw bags 10 and 16 oz
*DMM Carabiners. 2x Ultra O and 2x Sentinel
*SMC Rated Aluminum ring x2
*Petzl Oscilante pulley
*Rock Exotica Rotator
*DMM hitch climber pulley and Eye & Eye Prusik
*CT figure 8
*Rope Logic 2-in-1 positioning lanyard 12' with steel snaps(with eye-and-eye 30" Prusik)
*Notch 3mm x 200' throw line
*120' New England Safety Blue
*TreeStuff classic rope bag


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If you can split it up. I have that saddle, don't need another. I'd buy the liger mod with plates & ring from you. And I'd buy the pulleys, biners, swivel and E2E prusik. And unless someone else wants it, you can throw in the figure 8 and the little rings too.
PM'd you.