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Hi gals,

I am looking into purchasing insurance for a tree care company. This company will consist of four to five individuals. Needing coverage will be a bucket truck, PHC side, general liabilty.

I have perused the TCIA websiteI am in over my head and do not know where to start looking. Any ideas?



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Contact a local independent insurance agency. They can "shop" the coverage for you to different carriers that will write tree service companies.
Meg, I had difficulties this last year used an employment agency for my workers, was expensive my insurance company (in California) did a audit on my policy which I passed, the employment agency I used paid workmen's comp, auto insurance, as well as general liability, I however was billed an additional $2400.00 as the carrier felt the coverage of the employment agency's insurance was not good enough mind you this was on work 2 years after the fact, RIP OFF be careful. TGG
We have had ours insured through a local Nationwide Insurance company for the last three years and never had any issues :) like Meg said they shop for coverage to find us the best rates.

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