Clogger zero's care


I would have a hard time believing that everyone is "handwashing" these pants. Anyone want to share what they are doing?


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I wash mine in a cheap top loader with the spindle in the middle, on the long cycle for really dirty clothes. Then I dry them on the damp cycle, or hang them up to dry overnight. They seem fine from the washing, but my saw exhaust has been pretty rough on them...


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I love putting my pfanners in the dryer .... they come out feeling so nice

I hang dry my cloggers to dry unless they’re soaking wet and I need them the next day. I haven’t cut myself in the leg to test out the effects however


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But hey I don't wear them anymore. Hate the damn things.
Hey, swingdude! What is it about the Clogger Zero pants that causes you to hate them? Is it a fit issue, or something else? Thanks for any answer you choose to give.



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I wash mine on a heavy duty cycle warm water and hang I’m my basement. They’re usually dry by morning but if I forget to hang them I tumble dry. Been doing it for a couple years but like said before haven’t cut in to them to see efficacy