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Wanted to know how you more experienced climbers put your climbing setup for the competition and what you use. Pictures are welcome. I used hrc on taychon with a VT (3 wraps). I tied it very loose for the competition, but that wasent a good idea. Had to adjust it almost every time with my hand and that dident give much confidence. At work i like to climb on a hitch that grabs everytime. At work the speed of my descent dosent matter that much. Tomorrow going to try out the Zigzag, i got it for a day from my friend. Havent noticed much guys using it in the internationals...

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@andrus kokerov; Nice photograph. I've no help to offer, as you have more experience than I do, but I was just wondering how well you like your tachyon climbing rope?

Thanks in advance.

Actually i havent tryed not much other ropes. When i touched it for the first time in school it was love from the first sight (climb). Im on my 3rd taychon now, and the next one will be also a taychon for shore. Actually dont have a feel i would like to try something else out. It fits my needs!


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Thanks, Andrus. That is a really strong recommendation; I appreciate your time.

One more thing, with regard to your original post; some folks I've read really like the "Cooper's hitch". It is one that I've not tried myself, yet, but that I keep meaning to. Here's a link that shows a friend of the inventor climbing on it, although he does not show how to tie it.,+super+cooper+climbing+hitch

You'll need to do a thread search to find that out.


P.S. Here is a link to a post by moss in which he describes the Cooper's hitch and provides video of how to tie it.
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