Climbing skills workshop NV

Workshop with David Abrojena. Henderson, Nevada. Friday Feb. 23. 8AM @ Wells Park.
Seems like it will be some basic to semi-intermediate climbing technique. Probably pretty cool for newer climbers. But there will also be Aerial rescue! Which is always good to brush up on IMO.
And it is a hands on workshop. Bring your gear! Also 6 CEUs available.
Me and a couple guys from So. Cal are gonna try to make it out there for the day.
I won’t be climbing... still dealing with this broken femur. But I am stoked to observe the rescue techs.
Here’s a link:
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Thanks to ISA Western Chapter and to ProAction Tree Service. The workshop day was cool. A lot of people walked away from there with some useful information, a couple nifty little tricks, and perhaps some life saving tactics.
I, as well as many others I am sure, a very appreciative for the opportunity.
Thanks to Chris, Patrick, Jared, and Bricen from ProAction for taking the time and communicating well with folks.
Good stuff.