Chips toxic ?

Merle Nelson

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Still sick. Day 10. Went to the Dr again today. Chest x ray clear. Blood and white blood cells in my urine. Urine culture, 2 blood cultures, 6 tubes of blood for tests from lyme, legionella, aspergillosis, liver/kidney function, autoimmune disorders, and just about everything else you can imagine. They have no idea. I've done prednisone, albuterol, zpack, some other stuff. Achy, increase in urination and flank pain, low-grade fever. This is frigging crazy. Should find out all the test results by friday. Also had an ultrasound on my kidneys and bladder.
It's great you have checked the medical things you have, and it's great so many have come up clear. When you have run out all the options there that you think are viable there is another place to check.

Our bodies can produce an allergic type response to just about anything, and maybe especially to foreign proteins like mold particles. This can have an increased chance of happening in a situation where there are strong negative emotions up - like perhaps being way done with an employment situation.

NAET (Nambudrapods Allergy Ellimination Technique ) is a simple method of testing what your body is negatively responding to and clearing it. I see there is a practitioner within driving distance of Suffolk, VA. (Pretty affordable to.)