Chip guards for Carlton 7015

Gareth's Tree

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I have an older Carlton 4400 - 4 it is essentially the PreRunner to the 7015, and is almost identical. I have greenteeth on my machine and while I like the cutting performance, I don't like how they throw chips all over yard we're working in... And the neighbor's yard...and...

I do not want to use standalone chip guards. I would rather have a system built into the machine. My questions are-
1. Does the stock system on the Carlton 7015 (the newer model to my machine) work well to contain chips with green teeth? (which in my experience throws more chips than Carlton's razor system)

2. Has anyone built their own chip containment system that is attached to the machine?


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I have a bandit 2800. It has the same issue with green teeth. Makes a mess. Been meaning to deal with it. Was considering on extending the flaps with mudflaps or something