Cheap SRT friction device for rope walking?

I am a rec climber and I currently use a RADS system for climbing SRT. I would like to try ropewalking, but most friction devices available on the market are expensive >100€. Are there climbing systems that are less expensive? I have stumbled upon the f8 revolver, that method can be used with a normal carabiner, can`t it? I have also thought about making a rope wrench, does not seem to be very difficult, do you have some tips for me?
After having played with RADS, I made some experiments with the 'classic' cavers config. Therefore, I added a Croll and a Pantin to my RADS config. This was a major improvement and I still like using it. It is very safe and efficient but requires a conversion once you reach your tip.
One day I read a post on buzz talking about a DIY rope wrench... This was too attractive for a geek like me. I had to make mine and then I would buy the real one to compare (It is in the plane with my GF and I'll get it to-morrow... I really look forward to play with it.)
Here are some pictures of my DIY RW.


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To make one like mine, you would have to get a CMI RP140 "glide' micropulley, a slic pin, some 5 mm Maxim Tech cord (New England) and some thick wall shrink tubes.
I did not do it to save money because I don't think I saved much but it was fun to do. The difficult part was to sew the eyes of the tether part of the device. To do so, I read all the posts from Moss and applied all his tricks. Thanks Moss!
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^^^What these guys said
I made a wrench with the glide pulley, too. It is very effective depending on how you tether and tend it. Requires some materials, and the pulley, and creativity. I had really good results with marlow heat fuse tubing to make a stiff tether.
Brocky wins the cheapness method. I havent done much climbing on the stuff he has posted using just cordage and an oval connector, but I know that it would be effective for a rope walk, especially if you include a tending pulley below.
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You can also go a little cheaper by eliminating the oval and use your regular length hitch cord if you truly believe in twist technology!
As far as I know you can't use any hitch only srt, at least not for descending. A f8 or rope wrench or something to add friction with Blake's would probably work ok.


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It would have to be a super hitch to allow enough controlled friction to make a descent. A Blakes needs something to add friction or take some of the load off the hitch.
I have used a munter clipped to my leg loop or lower D/bridge ring under a hitch to add friction, allowing a smooth srt descent, with no fancy device.
The Oval looks interesting, I tried it Indoors and the results were quiet promising. I could maybe make one of those RWs from sheet metal, the specific pulley you can convert is not available in Germany (the normal ISC wrench is, it costs 200$ though...)

I think I would still switch to a RADs when advancing, but I might be able to make long ascents faster by using my 2 hand ascenders, one as a hand ascender and the other one as a knee ascender with a bungee cord.

Can I use a figure 8 under my hitch for descending? I feel like this would be easier on my hitch cord.


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When adding friction under a hitch, the attachment options can limit longer devices, depending on your harness set-up. I prefer a munter on any pear-shaped biner, or a stitch plate ring because a f8 and biner is too long (my bridge is short and leg loops high).
Of course these things must be added after ascent, but the change over is minimal annd doesn't involve disconnecting from your primary line.
Yes a figure 8, a munter hitch would do. You could also connect your grigri and disconnect the hitch.
I have been too slow.. Rope-a-dope gave you a better reply


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Or I think you could place the 8 above the hitch with a life support rated tether to your central attachment point on your harness. Plus placing brake hands above and Definatly below your hitch will help. Most guys can hold their weight with both hands alone if all else failed. I like to grab low and kinda wrap the rope behind my back or under my leg and hold it there with my hand so the contact of the rope on my body adds friction too