Can't get enough knowledge!!


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Just wanted to jump in and introduce myself as a new climber ( rec only ) I recently moved from the boat world into a very niche market as a parts manager ( I work for a vermeer dealership ) naturally I was forced into arbor care world ( sherrill tree ) and wow what an eye opening world!!!

I have the advantage of pressing the go button on my orders and playing with the latest and greatest gear that hits the market, but I CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH for publishing your knowledge on climbing techniques and gear. I would be totally clueless without you!!

Some of you may even be on this forum!!!

Coming from a total newbie of the lifestyle, "you guys freakin rock"

I'm sure I'll be asking plenty of questions so tia!!!!


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Welcome to the group. This is a great industry to be apart of. Soak all the information you can in. I've been in this industry since I could walk technically but really involved since 2008 when I was in Urban Forestry tech school.

Tom Dunlap

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Good to have you aboard!

There's a philosophical tenet that says that whatever drives you or pulls you forward will never be attained. YOu'll never have enough. KNowledge is a great basic driver. The next layer of drive would be how you use that knowledge. The second layer is the one that creates and destroys. Ask Luke or the One Percenters.