Best footlocking rope and boots

My personal favourite rope for footlocking is Samson Velocity. Boot-wise I would suggest something with little to no step between the heel and the front of the foot, that way you can get the most contact with the rope when you take your locks. They should be light too.

andrus kokerov

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I used to footlock on Platinum rope. Wanted to try NE Escalator but couldent find it enywhere. Got myself globe5000. After the first two locks i had a realy big smaile. Realy super static and nice to footlock on. Maybe a bit hard on the hands.

Boots... I orderd older Evolv Maximus boots, but the retailer send me Salomons (cause the Evolv was sold out, and even dident ask me if i want them.) So ei still footlock on my old Drayer Tango boots. Work good, but are a bit heavy. Havent tryed eny other climbingboots, so cant compare them to others. But havent missed a lock because of the boots, its always my fault.

Going out tomorrow on my last hard footlock session before my comps. Got on next weekend and the other in the mid of June.
A few of the top notch LOCKERS are climbing on Donaghy's 1omm ArmorPrus. its quite an expensive rope but seems to work for them. Form and training is definitely the key to success more so than the boots or rope.