Best chainsaw pants


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Was gonna get the arbortec - but didn't want a luminous crotch... :)

Every time I put on the SIP's a workmate starts singing the spiderman theme song (cos they're red) - implies that I'm a way better climber than I am. :sorprendido3:
The other climber at work was busting my chops for the red pants but he's over it.


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What are your favorites? I've kind of come to the conclusion that I may as well spend the money and get the best, most comfortable ones so that I will actually want to wear them. suggestions would be much appreciated
Mb not the best sure is a substantial improvement. Hardwearing for sure. very comfy, allows free movement with well desing lining that allows legging up, stretching out bending and twisting. Stretchy breathable material. Really light wt. Interesting front leg material, it's grippy and helps a lot to hold you in position or snake up and out on smooth limbs. Pockets galore, one really oversized takes wallet and gloves and more if you dare. They look good to. Played some ball in the them to, comfortably


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The best as in durability? Pfanner Gladiators. But since I was 'forced' into a pair of Husqvarna Technical Extremes these are my favourite.
These are like stretchy flannel pyjama pants compared to the forever clunky Pfanner Vents.
I like the Viltoms and the pfanners. I haven't tried the sips and franticals but friends like them. if you are a stickler for standards you may want to get ones that are UL listed. I know it's easier said than done but try to forget about price and focus on what you want out of the pants. I wore my viltoms almost every work day for three years. when I wasn't wearing them I was wearing my arborwear ascender pants. between the two I had invested almost $600.00; considering how many pairs of cheap carharts I would have burned through, and all of the intrinsic benefits, I think it was a good investment.


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I just bought a pair of steins. They are very good. So far I've worked in Gladiators (non vent), Francital's. I really dislike the Francitals, they are very light, a little baggy (perhaps a size too big?), and the exterior seems to nick, pill, or small tears weekly. The Gladiators are tanks, hard wearing (coming up on the third year, with repairs), but they are clunky and heavy. The Steins are still new (about 2 months). They are a good cross between the two others I have. They seem much more durable than the Francitals, much lighter than the gladiators, and have the 3/4 leg wrap of saw fluff too.
I don't expect the Steins to last as long as the gladiators, but do expect them to last twice as long as the cheaper Francitals (with better protection). Also comparing the Francitals to the Steins, they are about the same weight and perhaps a fraction warmer.


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I've had a pair of sips.
Two gladiators old and new( yes the super fly red ones)
Three old vents.
New vents.
New steins.The steins fit like my old sips did. Kinda baggy in the crotch.

The old vents were my favorite...till I got the new vents. Wow!
Pfanner knows what's up.


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You win the evaluation reporting ..............

I must add. I'm a critic and tend to destroy anything to prove it's worthiness....or worthlessness.

I'm 6'1 , 175lbs, 30 waist, 34 inseam so. I've been going with size small perfect.

The reason I prefer the Pfanners's is their fit. Yes, so perfect.

The sips were baggy. People thought I was a fire fighter. No real nice stretch. The tech fabrics and baggy ness made up for it. The gaiters were ok. At this point being my first saw pants...they were better then any double knee jeans, all the time. Forget about it compared with a pair of chaps on any jeans.

For some comparison standard...Arborwear double jeans were a joke imo...frigging pockets blow out, yea that's nice I can play with my self while I'm face to face talking to a hottie mama, sucks more you can not put anything in them. Carharts are better bang for the buck (last longer) and fit nicer. I wear carharts and arborwear on shop days, rolling around on the ground in all kindsa liquids.

The old gladiators were short, tight, and so hot. no gaiters. No good for climbing. I do value their "toughness" when looking at my torn up/worn out vents of the same erra.
I like the new gladiators more now and feel they are as breathable as the old vents.
The new gladiators actually have real vents in front just below the belt, as do the the new ventilators. Sweet! You pump air out them. They also have zip vents on the back of the thighs as do the new ventilators. I was not going to get another pair of the gladiators...till I saw the red ones. I wish treestuff had the orange/black and hi-viz. Those euros know how to "look" pro.

The new Krieger Steins fit super loose in the crotch. The fabric is piley. They got dry saw dusty. washed them and my wife thought they were still dirty looking.
No gaiters. Nice Might fit better on a thicker guy than me.

Ah the new Pfanner Ventilation. Money! All around better then before, still better then the rest imho. The gaiters rock. I'm sold on gaiters for many reasons after experiencing them in the work place. The pockets are redesigned, new open vents on the top front below the belt and zips on the back thighs. The tougher protective fabric on the knees know extends down across the shins to meet the same lower leg cuff material. Honestly the new ones feel lighter then the old ones. While the pants fit nice and snug, I can still wear a base layer under them in the colder temps with no loss of mobility. I do not wear under wear ever (in case some of you were wondering) when the breeze blows behind some times I almost feel bare ass, they breath so well.

Pfanner is just badass stuff. I have the protos, both the Ventura and Arborist jackets, the pants of course, and now my second pair of Zermatt GTX boots. I will say I have never had any $300+ pair of boots last more then a year till these boots. I just got two years out of my first pair of Pfanner boots and they still are not falling apart. Here is the deal with them They outsource their boots to Crispi. The Crispi name is right on them, made in Italy. I am a telemark skier. Crispi makes my $700 ski boots. I have had several pairs of $700+ boots. Only Scarpa compares in my experience, Crispi flex and fit is for me. Like their pants and jackets, kinda snug, kinda all performance too. Tree stuff just gave me a merino wool Pfanner hat for free with my last back ordered item. Ahyea!
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Fit makes a difference (also sometimes it's just preference). I'm 5'10 ish, 175lbs ish 32ish waist 32 leg. Basically slightly shorter, slightly stockier. Sips feel comfy to me, not baggy. I have the pfanner boots too though - solid; never knew about Crispi - cool!
The steins are the only pants I have worn that have made it over a year and are still in great shape! I've tried sips, pfanners, husky, forestwear, and others.
I destroy pants.

Hands down the most rugged and the strongest crotch to boot. Very well made. Bit heavy, hot in the summer, but worth the price tag


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I went a good two months with a blow out that went from the bottom of the zipper to more than halfway up my ass in back. Never have I had such range of movement before; I could practically do the splits in the tree! My groundie wasn't a big fan of the view, customers didn't seem to care though.