Beer Beer Beer.


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I would agree but it can be difficult to find decent stuff in some rural areas. Bought a 6 of Goose Island in NC that was skunked from sitting around warm too long I suspect.
Skunking of beer is not a thing. You would have to heat very very hot and freeze it several times.


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Spaten Oktoberfest
Was there in '92. My amigo tried to lift a mug and got caught. Mine made it out safely. Same amigo, same trip got flagged in atlanta customs for having 2 bottles of wine. I had two suitcases with at least 2 cases of beer and they never paid me any mind. I guess I'm just lucky.:bailando:

Oh almost forgot, same amigo, same trip ran an Air Force six packer into ditch after drinking yards with RAF pilots all night. MP's came and busted him while I belly crawled into woods. They turned him over to German police who put him out on side of road 15 miles out in country. He walked all night and got back after dawn. I walked 2 miles to the hotel and got a good nights rest. That may have also been due to the Spaten Oktoberfest. Damn fine beer.
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