Beeline Blue - Youtube splice video

I found this great video showing how to make a e2e using beeline 10mm (blue)

I cant find much information around about the specifics of the splice (i.e forums, Yale website). Just wondering if anyone can confirm this is the correct technique/measurements for this splice? Im planning to dip the eyes and end of the cover in 'Dip it whip it', as opposed to the heat shrink shown, followed by a lock stitch.

Also, is there any strength issues with this core only splice that would make it unsuitsable for use in a SRT situation, I.E. with a wrench? I'm assuming there is a chance of extra loading of the e2e before the wrench engages?

Thanks in advance.


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That's great, I'd love to hear from Eric, the videos he has on his account are great. I was surprised there was not much in the comments section on the video. Usually I try to find a couple of sets of directions for a splice (I.e some diagrams and a video from different sources), usually there are some minor variations. I don't splice as regularly these days so a video like this is great, it was all I could find specific to this cord.
I had a go, it was very easy thanks to
a) the great video and
b) brummels not being too challenging!

It's quite a bit stiffer than I anticipated, I'm not sure I'll be able to tie my preferred knut. I haven't climbed on spliced friction cord for a while and now I remember why.. Might work in a VT so I'll give it a go.

Am I correct in my calculations that when he says a 'full fid' he means just under 8 inches (for the first mark).

I rushed the dipping/whipping a little but turned out OK.

Thanks again.

The 8mm beeline and the 10mm blue beeline are the same construction. Vectran core and technora/polyester cover. They are spliced the same way.

10mm black and gold beeline has a polyester core and technora/polyester cover and would be spliced as a class 1 double braid; however it is not recommended to be spliced due to problems with herniation.


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I found this great video showing how to make a e2e using beeline 10mm (blue)

Hi all,

Sorry it took me so long to respond to the series of posts above, but I have been really busy lately and have not checked in on the Buzz for over a month.

This a video that I made about a year ago, mainly to help students in my climbing class. Sorry if it looks a bit grainy! If you look you will also find a second video in which I show how to whiplock the splice. For this particular beeline splice I use moribus brummel splices on both ends with a full 3/8" fid bury. In break tests they do extremely well, so I am not at all shy about recommending this to anybody. I like the heat shrink because it is quick and easy, but if you don't want to bother with that it is certainly just as strong to whiplock the cover without the heat-shrink. I have worked out the measurements for different prusik lengths based on lots of repetitions, and can tell you that they come out pretty darn close every time. I just made two 30" prusiks today and the 49" core and 29"cover come out within 1/2" every time.

I use these cords for MRS climbing with the Hitch Climber and for all kinds of SRS things, including the Hitchhiker and pick-off rescues on SRS where you have two people hanging on the same VT. I have never seen one even look like it was going to fail. They just get tossed when the cover starts to get badly frayed or when the vectran eyes start to look rattty from lots of use.

Eric (Arlo)