Bandit Chipper Parts

Dave Carter

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I have a friend looking for Bandit Chipper parts, he is not great at the online thing so I am helping him out. Have any of you used I just want to make sure it's a good site before I place an order for him. Looks like they are based out of NY and an authorized dealer. Thanks for the help!


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We have had pretty good luck with Modern Equipment. They are supposed to have a mobile ordering app too but we haven’t had to use it. But it really depends on where you are based.


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If you live within 400 miles I think it is to where the part is shipped ups from it’s one day shipping.


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Bandit don't make the motors...we just had to do a 173 horse jd long block on a bandit that was 4 years old...14k. Under warranty time but over hours and not worth the tear down time/fighting/ puting back together for warranty consideration.