Bandit 250xp for sale - SOLD

Brush Bandit 250xp. 118hp John Deere. Live hydraulics/crush cylinder, material winch. New anvil and knives with extra sets of knives. Solid machine. Located in Richmond, VA.

A45C5A70-9A1C-4549-BAF6-C7FB8FFFF464.jpeg 85DE59A1-636F-4382-8930-D38FFE707230.jpeg 865DC619-50E7-4DA7-9BE3-23DE5F32A727.jpeg F670F73E-AD23-40FE-8EA4-35B2E22E8B77.jpeg 77FF7C9B-0E7B-4A42-B6C1-9CCC53DDAF0B.jpeg 946012B3-10DC-40A3-80E9-E59C17AB5915.jpeg 31B14BE0-F0AE-40E8-9ADE-E8E449236518.png 28BDD927-A2A9-4CA6-ACE7-089EB8991BF1.png
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I should’ve stated - unknown hours. When I got it, none of the gauges worked. I’ve had the machine for about 2 years. I bought and installed an autofeedplus tach and the tach works but the autofeed is intermittent/unreliable. I think the dump valve is sticking. Manual autofeed always works. Besides gauges, everything works as it should.
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