Baltic States tree climbing championship

andrus kokerov

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So here we go again. This weekend is the BSTCC. Tomorrow is the gear-check, prelimbs on saturday and on sunday the masters. Going to compete and if i can ill shoot as many pictures as possible. Hope the weather is nice, so i can get better pictures as from the FTCC. Now its time get to the bed... Have to wake up at 5, so i can start my 10 hour journey to the event.


andrus kokerov

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I finished the prelimbs 4. Tarmo was today the only guy who made the WC in the time limet and pushed me to 4th place. I had to go second on it. The tree was still slippery from yesterdays rain. Lost time sliding around. Bit disapointed but ill get it next year! Today the weather is nice and gonna enjoy the masters.

andrus kokerov

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So after sleeping away my monday im now recovered from the event. Ill write about how the event was and how it did go for me.

Well the event should have started at 9 o clock on saturday, but did actually at 12. And then it started to rain and did the whole day. It was raining so hard, that the judges decided to hold the workclimb on sunday.

The first event for me was the speedclimb. It dident go well for me. I havent never praticed it before. I will do before the next comp. Dont want to lose eny points there enymore.

The next event was throwline. I was not the smartest in this event. I waited for my turn in the rain and when it was my turn my lines where soaking wet. My first throwline got stuck in the tree behinde the throwline tree and i left it there. So after that i hit the 7 pointer with the next line. Put the 8 ozbag dident come down and had to pull it out. After that i went for the easy 3 pointers, just to get some points cause time was running out. Was cool to watch how one guy hit twice the highest mark. I will have to leave my bigshot at home if i want to improve my throwline...

So it was time for the aerial rescue. That went well for me, took 2nd place in it. The scenario was, that the climber is unconsius and his leg is broke. His chainsaw was also running. I ascended up with footlock, had a pinto added to my footlock prusic so i could start working from the ascentline. Got to the dummy, switched his chainsaw off and then i throw it to the ground (was fun!). BTW i must say Stihl makes realy good saw, it was thrown atleas 6 times to the ground and was still ok. Dident get the dummy to the ground. Was like 30cm in from the ground when i was timed out.

Then it was time to footlock. The judges decided theil make it 12m, cause of the bad conditions. The bell was placed badly, so it was behinde my back. Tryd to hit it, put couldnt reach it, had to make a extra lock... The times in the tabel look, like it was 15m, but was 12m. Took 2nd in this event.

Its sunday morning and time for workclimb. After day one i was on 2nd place. That put some extra stress on me. The judges decided to go for the workclimb so that the best climbes from saturday go first. So they could rest longer for the masters. Uldis was the first. He dident get all the stations in the timelimit. So i decided to leav a station out. Mostly the workclimb is the best event for me, this time i was just to nervous. Bad thing was also that the tree was realy slippery from yesterdays rain. The climbes who whent later had a bit of a advantage. The sun was shinning and the tree was getting better. Only one climbes made all stations in time limit and that was it for me. I finnished the prelimbs 4th. After the comp i was realy disapointed, but now im over it. Im full of motivation to get better and prep more next time. I wont let it happen again.

In the masters Uldis made a dream job. He went oldschool. Just footlock up and installed his ropeguide and took all the points in time and got his gear down. Was realy good to watch and got some extra motivation from it.

All in all, last year i was 6th, now 4th. We will see whats next year. Then the event is in my country - Estonia. Ill go to the comp stronger and better preppered then ever.