Backhoe attachments

A customer of mine offered me a good deal on an older backhoe today. I know it's not ideal for urban/suburban tree service, but I need a machine. At least for use in our lot, might be useable on large removals when there is access. What I am wondering is, what kind of attachments are available for these? Perhaps a stump grinder for the hoe like is available for an excavator? A graple for brush/ skidding? A Google search or 5 produced minimal results. Anyone use one of these for trees? Its a case 580b.
I don't think it does, but I am very willing to modify things... and fairly capable in the machanical and fabrication departments. I was thinking about fabricating a skidsteer style quick change plate for the front loader and run some auxiliary hydro lines. If the pressure and volume of the hydro system are close enough, I should be able to run just about anything a skid steer could run. But the backhoe arm is another story. What can I get for that I wonder?


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Maybe buy it, use it some, without putting much into it, and sell it to buy the right machine.

You need a machine. That thing is a beast.

Can you look into financing? Rather than a purchase of an old machine that's not the right machine, that's hard to transport, you can put a down-payment on the right machine, and make monthly payments. If you have the work, a $500 payment for a mini will be easy to make. No worker's comp. No overtime. No court dates. No sick kids. No second-guessing the boss...only ever doing as told-by-levers. Lots more energy. Lots less over-use. Lots easier to find parts for a modern machine.
Oh yeah no doubt on the pros of a mini loader. My credit isn't great, but I might be able to finance one... in the spring. I have a policy of avoiding new debt after August. I can have the backhoe debt free and it can easily load a dumpster with chips. I can get 40 yd dumpsters dropped in my lot for free if I only fill them with clean chips. Fully loading a dumpster with a mini is not something I want to do on a regular basis. The backhoe also is detachable and makes the 580b a small front loader that only weighs 6000 lbs. Much easier to trailor then. I could have used it on the job site today. Funny thing is, there was a backhoe in the neighboring yard.


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6000 is not so bad.

Frozen ground will resist impact best, without mats.

Ruts will be a consideration.

That thing has to have some pulling power.
I am looking forward to seeing what kind of pulling power it has! I think it's only 60 hp, but lots of torque from the diesel and a lot of gear I am sure. It has a rear diff that will lock by either a lever or pedal, I forget what he said.
I could always just get a licence plate on it and drive it to jobs too, haha.
Handy for digging out stumps when stumps are too big to use a stump grinder effectively, could be another income stream as excavators can chew up a garden sometimes worse than a tractor tyre if the access isnt a straight line...

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Backhoes are not made for treework I would rather have a used beat up mini than a backhoe for a couple k more. Put your money towards the right tool.
Best of luck
I wouldn't buy any machine that doesn't have free aux hydros unless you only need it to do what it's already setup to do (obviously not the case here with you talking about adding shit right off the bat).

Ever tried to retrofit aux hydros? There's literally no good way, even if a higher optioned version of the same machine was sold it likely wasn't an add-on, the whole pump was originally dfferent... Auxiliary hydro pumps are barely adequate at best (and usually they're pure shit in most circumstances).

Ive had customers ask me about adding aux pumps, if they're new customers I politely decline and explain why, if they're repeat customers who know me I tell them they're retarded as hell and to keep their fucking money and buy a new[er] machine.
@Cereal_Killer , so, you are a tree guy or a equipment mechanic? I ask because if you are willing to share some knowledge with me and you know what the hydrolic system on a old backhoe is like, I would love to ask you a couple questions.
Sorry, some of you seem to be trying to be helpful. I know the ups and downs of many different machines. I've been in the tree business for 16 years and used many different machines. Like I said in my original post, I know the machine is not ideal, but if you can't see it's potential, you lack imagination. I am going to have a fuckin blast with it. I'll get a mini loader in the spring.