Atlantic TCC


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Great event yesterday held in Fredericton, NB. Would have had some nice pictures if I didn't break my phone.

Preliminary results:
1st Keenan Jewett, 2nd Danny Leblanc, 3rd Trevor Burton

In a tightly contested Masters final Danny beat out Keenan by 3 points to claim his 10th Atlantic title at the tender age of 54. Danny has competed in every Atlantic TCC since they were first established in 1990 and announced last night that this would be his final go around.

The big news of the event though was that for the first time in the 26 year history of the Atlantic TCC we had female competitors! Becky Aurell and Tess Billings came out, had fun, and climbed some trees. Both competed very well with Becky just barely timing out on her Masters climb and Tess coming away with the Spirit of the Competition award.


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An email was sent out to the chapter late last week describing a "scoring error" in the masters judging, the result of which has led Keenan to be declared the winner. An unfortunate series of events for Danny, but I guess that's their way things go sometimes.