arbor day


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I have a removel in the morning but the planting of a Dogwood in the afternoon to represent Warren county. Go Figure


We had our planting today. Big turnout 2 people. Road department stopped by to sAY the tree looked nice. Go figure.


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The two people turnout includes yourself and who else? Sorry about your Devils. I did a planting yesterday with some third graders. Turned out great! About twenty kids and 7 adults. All potential customers. Everyone went home with a Red Oak yearling with my card stapled to it. Today I did the ISA 21 tree salute planting for Somerset county. Went real well also. Should be in the paper tomorrow.


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I guess the city of chico decided to do thier Aborday Sat. Chico was choosen out of two cities in California to represent the Sept 11 tradgedy.Any family member who had realitives perish there,where able to come and plant a tree for thier loved ones. 56 Shingle Oaks where plan in all, at Wildwood Park.