ArbFest West

Flex Abednego

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Hopefully. Couldn’t make it for this last one but I’m thinking I can work around it for 2018. I would be very interested in a crane class. Dreamed about building a treemek the other night after catching up on Steve’s build thread. Dreams are weird

Merle Nelson

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I had trouble copying a link from Sherrill's page so I can't help there. They don't seem to have the schedule up, probably not finalized.

I would be surprised if they did crane again this year though. They put a lot into that single class last year let alone the other classes, I doubt the entrance fees they charge come anywhere near covering costs.

Alejandro Concolor

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1D7952FC-AF0A-4787-BF4F-3764A624A308.jpeg Me and my buddies at 2017. I’m in the middle.
Just found this video of arbfest2017 on YouTube and snatched the photo. Hahah.
Good memories of Mitch being tempted to throw bio-degrade oil into the crowd!!!


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I will be there. Hope to see all you guys too. We need some kind of Treebuzz badge or hat or something so we can recognize and meet other buzzers at events.


Sonoma County, how about yourself? And heck yeah those of us who are attending should have a plan to meet up.


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Eldorado county. I think with Merle’s help we can figure a way to get all the treebuzz attendees together. Probably not all at the same time, that may be beyond even Merle’s skill set.