Anyone need a concrete bucket?


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Brand new, never used. Bought about a year ago and then later I realized I have had a gut full of anything to do with concrete. I have never gotten around to hustling up the local concrete contractors, no one even knows I have it. I've been busy enough doing regular crane work, and it has slowly dawned on me it is time to stop thinking like a builder (what I did most of my working life) and start thinking like a professional "hoisting engineer". It is the easiest damn way to make a good living I have ever found, why I would want to complicate it by trying to compete with the local concrete pump operation I don't know, so screw it, I'm selling it.

For anyone all fired up to get a concrete bucket, I'll sell this 1.5 yd bucket for AT LEAST $500.00 less then the lowest price a new one can be bought. I believe that means around $2500.00 to $3,000.00 They can be used for moving gravel around also BTW.

Besides the local concrete pumper, I could also gear up for tree work, if I was more ambitious, and younger. TIMG_20160711_110912577.jpg he operations I see around my area are poorly equipped and real complacent, not much competition. They have their customer base used to paying their rates based on their antiquated equipment. What takes them 2 days with their equipment would take a few hours for most of you guys I see on this site, you are geared up. But again, no need, I'll stick to just being the crane guy. I went on at some length on my reasoning for selling the thing just because I know a lot of you also do "regular" crane work on the side, and may find my thinking somewhat of interest as it relates to general crane work.
I am finding that I can sub just me, my crane, and my climber out to other companies for a hourly rate and have a good profit margin. Let them handle the ground work and we just do our thing. I get to work with my climber who we are in sync as we have been working together for a.few years. Only problem is its getting hard to keep up with my own jobs